Spring 2023 newsletter: Scopus indexing and more!


Dear authors, editors, reviews, sponsors, and other contributors,

 We wanted to share three pieces of good news related to CCR:

1.  Scopus has accepted CCR for indexing! 

2. The University of Zurich’s HOPE has offered to host our submission and reviewing system.

3. The first article using our new latex template has been published

Read on for more details, and hopefully see many of you at ICA!

-- Wouter

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Vol. 5 No. 2 (2023): Special Issue: Multilingual Text Analysis
Published: 2023-07-31


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Computational Communication Research is a peer-reviewed, open-access, community-owned journal founded from the ICA Computational Methods Division published by Amsterdam University Press.

We welcome submissions that further the understanding, development and application of computational methods in communication research. Computational methods include (but are not limited to) methods such as text analysis, social/semantic network analysis, online experiments, machine learning, visual analysis and agent-based modeling and simulations. Computational methods can be applied to “big data” and social media or (online) behavior data, but can also be used to provide a more sophisticated understanding of “small data” or for theoretical explorations.

Submissions should discuss, introduce, or apply computational methods to build and/or test theory or to quantify, analyze, explore or visualize communication structures and processes.

In particular, we welcome submissions that :

  • Apply computational methods to communication research questions;
  • Present innovative computational methods for communication research;
  • Evaluate or validate computational approaches to communication research;
  • Address the role of computational methods in communication research;
  • Present or validate tools, software packages, and datasets that are useful for communication research.

Papers can be either full papers of up to 9,000 words, shorter research notes of 3,000 – 4,000 words, or tutorials. Research notes should be focused on reporting data sets, tools, or empirical analyses and should contain a short introduction, with references and theoretical discussion kept to a minimum. Please submit manuscripts through the submission system, or browse this website for more information on aims&scope, editorial policy, and editorial team.

Next to full papers and research notes, we also publish software or tool announcements. This is a very short (2-3 page) paper that essentially describes the overall goal of the software and gives a short explanation of how it can be used. These announcements go through editorial review only so they can be published very quickly. The publication will make it clear that it has not been peer reviewed and that no full code review or audit has been performed.