CCR Inaugural Issue

Computational Communication Research: inaugural issue


We are excited (and proud) to present our inaugural issue! The articles are still in production, but through the links below you can access their preprint copies. Please use the final version (expected in a little over a month) for later citation, but feel free to read and share the article preprints.


A Roadmap for Computational Communication Research [draft version]
Wouter van Atteveldt, Drew Margolin, Cuihua Shen, Damian Trilling, René Weber

iCoRe: The GDELT Interface for the Advancement of Communication Research
Frederic R. Hopp, Jacob T. Fisher, René Weber

An Experimental Study of Recommendation Algorithms for Tailored Health Communication
Hyun Suk Kim, Sijia Yang, Minji Kim, Brett Hemenway, Lyle Ungar, Joseph Cappella:


News Organizations’ Selective Link Sharing as Gatekeeping: A Structural Topic Model Approach
Chankyung Pak


Computational observation: Challenges and opportunities of automated observation within algorithmically curated media environments using a browser plug-in
Mario Haim, Angela Nienierza

We would like to thank all reviewers, submitters, and editorial board members for contributing to the journal and for their feedback on this introduction. We would also like to thank Amsterdam University Press and especially our gold sponsors (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Network Institute, the University of Amsterdam / ASCoR) and silver sponsors (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Center for Information Technology and Society at UC Santa Barbara, and the Computational Communication Science Lab of the University of Vienna), for making this journal possible. We are looking forward to your submissions for our next issues!